The US Government Orchestrated the Parkland School Shooting

As if the shooting at Parkland, Florida wasn’t bad enough, the US government has just come out and admitted that the school massacre was orchestrated. Among other things, the US government had warned about the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, for months. However, they never did anything about it.

Alex Jones is a popularizer of crisis actor theories

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist and one of the most successful radio hosts and internet entrepreneurs of the last several decades. He started Infowars, a media company that broadcasts in radio and internet syndication, and became famous for his controversial conspiracy theories.

One of his more popular theories involves the shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students in Parkland, Florida. According to Jones, there were “crisis actors” involved in the killings.

The theory has garnered significant support from the fringe right. It has also been credited with prompting the firing of an aide to a Florida lawmaker. However, no one has been able to verify whether these claims are actually true.

For years, Alex Jones pushed the theory that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. According to him, the parents of the victims were faked. His show aired falsehoods about the event, and his fans harassed the parents of the dead.

Some of the more outrageous claims made by Alex Jones involve his claims that the Sandy Hook victims were part of a conspiracy. In addition, he made a series of dodgy statements that claimed that the victims did not have children.

The FBI mishandled a tip line about Mr. Cruz

In the months before the Parkland shooting, the FBI mishandled a tip line about the suspect. The agency failed to follow up on the tip, which was a warning that Nikolas Cruz might carry out a school shooting. But the tip was not the only indication that the suspect was troubled.

As a result, the Parkland community was shocked and disbelieving that the FBI had not taken any action. They believed the agency had an obligation to take steps to prevent this from happening.

The FBI was under pressure to explain why it didn’t act. This was particularly true since the agency received a warning about Cruz in September. But the bureau’s failure to follow through on the tip sparked a wave of anger in the South Florida community.

The first tip came from a bail bondsman in Mississippi. According to the Wall Street Journal, the caller provided the FBI with information on how dangerous Cruz was, as well as whether he had a desire to kill people. However, the tip was never reported to the Miami Field Office, as protocol requires.

The Tsarnaev brothers planted explosives at the 117th Boston Marathon

In an incredibly short time, the 117th Boston Marathon turned into an armed battle between the Tsarnaev brothers and law enforcement. The explosions killed three people and left at least 100 injured. Some of the victims, including an eight-year-old boy, were seriously injured.

The first suspect arrested is Tamerlan Tsarnaev. He had been a promising boxer in his homeland, but he became a jihadist. During an interview with the FBI, he described himself as a “lone wolf.” But he had ties to US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the second suspect in the bombing. He told investigators that his brother, Tamerlan, led the attack. Despite having a gunshot wound in his neck, he is still alive. A probable cause hearing is set for May 30.

Police and federal agents have been searching for a third suspect. The man they are looking for is a black male with a backpack. They also are hoping to find a yellow van.

The teens who speak out after the attack will have to contend with conservative media bottom-feeders

The survivors of the Parkland, Florida shooting have organized a national campaign against school violence. But their efforts are facing a hostile reaction from the conservative media. They are being labeled liars and anti-American thugs.

Conservatives are trying to smear students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez as pawns in an anti-gun conspiracy. These teens are the targets of unhinged accusations, slanderous Twitter louts, and worse.

After the Parkland shooting, survivors called for legislative solutions. They wanted the National Rifle Association out of politics, and stricter gun regulations. Sadly, the NRA opposed measures to ban assault weapons, and the Florida House of Representatives failed to even consider an assault weapons ban.

However, as Parkland has become a national focal point for the anti-gun movement, more and more citizens are taking a stand. Teens across the country are calling for tougher gun laws, and they’re calling on elected officials to do what they can. Survivors and activists have gathered in parks and on Capitol Hill.

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