Chemtrails Are Used For Secret Government Experiments

There is a lot of evidence that chemtrails are being used in secret government experiments. Chemtrails are a technique in which the government uses to vaporize a substance, usually water, into the air. Supposedly, these vapors are then captured and destroyed. However, many people have doubts about this. What they don’t understand is that chemtrails aren’t just used for this purpose. They can also be used to help with medical treatments and even for food production.

Bacillus subtilis

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that the US military has been conducting secret tests on humans for decades. One such test involved spraying Bacillus globigii bacteria over the San Francisco Bay area. Some residents were reportedly afflicted by a strange cloud.

There’s a lot more to chemtrails than meets the eye. Those who are aware of the scheme believe that a covert military program was being rolled out to combat global warming. However, most of the details of the scheme have only recently been made public.

This is not the only covert military test of its kind. In fact, the US military has been conducting hundreds of secret experiments on unsuspecting civilians for years. Many of these tests involve biological agents.

The Army conducted a similar experiment in the late fifties. This one tested the feasibility of a biological weapons attack on the city of San Francisco. Thousands of people were exposed to the bacteria sprayed over the city. Among those who were effected were a few people who went into diabetic comas.

S. marcescens

The Serratia marcescens is a gram negative bacterium that can infect both plants and animals. Its unique red pigment makes it easy to recognize. This pathogenic microbe is commonly associated with hospital outbreaks. However, this bacteria also has multi-antibiotic resistance.

When the US Navy began testing biological weapons in the San Francisco Bay area, Serratia marcescens was used as a model organism. The experiment was called Operation Sea-Spray.

The experiment was conducted without informing the city’s residents. Millions of bacterial spores were released into the air. A large number of people became ill. In fact, one patient died.

Many of these illnesses were thought to be related to the release of S. marcescens, but a University of California study revealed the presence of the bacteria in 10 of the patients. An infection of the heart valves in a man named Edward Nevin was linked to the release of the bacteria.

Evidence of a globalist conspiracy

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the rumor mill is churning out countless claims with little or no evidence to back them up. Indeed, the number of unfounded claims is expected to grow in the overheated political climate of the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

The study was designed to measure how much of this particular sub-set of the population is interested in the conspiracy theorizing sphere. This was done by conducting a survey of over 2,000 American adults. In addition, the study compared participants’ scores on several tests of curiosity and interest in a variety of topics.

A five-item scale was used to rate participants on various conspiracy-related items. A total score of 17.0 was reported for the generic coronavirus conspiracy theory, and a whopping 46.1 was scored on the specific coronavirus aficionado.

The study incorporated several aforementioned elements, including the coronavirus, the obnoxious obelisk, the epochal corombole, and the fabled horoscope. It also collected information on participants’ religious and political views.

New York subway system experiments

If you think the military isn’t using chemtrails for secret government experiments, you’re wrong. The truth is that the government is still testing the way biological and chemical weapons are distributed after an assault.

As a result, there are hundreds of eye witnesses who have become ill within hours of watching chemtrails. Some of them have even experienced a metallic taste in the air. That’s why many conspiracy theorists believe the military is working to cover up a globalist plot.

The US military conducted 200 secret tests from 1949 to 1969. The goal was to gather data on the effects of biological attacks. During these tests, the army released clouds from intersections and rooftops. Eventually, the American public learned about these open-air tests.

In addition to conducting these experiments on ground, the military also tested the effectiveness of smoke screens. These smoke screens could be used to cover up a city in the event of a nuclear attack.

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