The Kennedy Assassination – Was There a Conspiracy?

One of the most notorious assassinations in the history of the United States was that of President Kennedy. Although the events were a travesty, there are those who believe that there were some conspiracy behind the assassination. Whether it was a direct hit by Lee Harvey Oswald, a CIA agent named ‘Saul’, or the leaders of Russia, there are many reasons to doubt the ‘official’ version of what happened.

Russia’s leaders knew they would be the first suspect if they’d engineered an assassination by Oswald

Immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy, the Soviet government changed its position about the assassination. They began investigating whether Oswald was connected to the Soviet Union. The Kremlin leaders were frightened that Oswald might have carried out the assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination of JFK posed a serious threat to the USSR. As a result, the USSR sent a trained assassin to kill Kennedy.

Many Soviet citizens mourned the death of Kennedy in the USSR. They claimed there were two factions in the Western world, one pro-Communist and one anti-Communist.

The American public accepted the notion that the assassin was a member of an extremist right-wing group, despite evidence to the contrary. In fact, a Gallup poll showed that only 1 percent believed that the assassin was an agent of a Communist conspiracy.

‘Saul’ was a rogue CIA agent and assassin

Saul, a rogue CIA agent and assassin, was a part of the JFK assassination. A lot has been written about his role in the conspiracy. Here is a look at how he managed to pull off such a remarkable feat.

Saul was an orphan who had been raised by Eliot. After an international incident, Eliot decided to eliminate Chris and Saul.

The assassination of JFK was a flurry of activity, with at least thirty individuals opening fire on the limousine. As a result, there were a lot of people who were trying to find out who was behind the assassination.

While most people have guessed that the best-known assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald, others have guessed that the CIA had someone else on the payroll. One CIA officer, who has been digging into the records for years, has a theory that the CIA knew Oswald was preparing to do something with the Soviets in Mexico.

Zapruder’s 8-mm footage

During the presidential assassination in Dallas, Texas, Abraham Zapruder’s 8-mm home movie camera captured the fatal gunshot wound to President Kennedy in his head. The film has been described as the most complete of all the shooting footage. It is a gruesome piece of history that changed the course of world history.

Initially, the film was withheld from the public because of its graphic content. However, a panel of arbitrators concluded that the Zapruder film is a unique and important piece of film.

In 1975, a television program featured the film. In 1999, the United States government paid the Zapruder family $16 million for the footage. That’s not a lot of money in today’s world, but it’s a substantial sum in the JFK assassination’s historical context.

Johnson ordered CIA agents to kill Kennedy

There are a number of conspiracy theorists who are convinced that President Kennedy was murdered by agents of the CIA. However, there is no proof that a conspiracy was involved. And the evidence uncovered by the Warren Commission indicates that Kennedy was murdered by an avowed Communist activist.

During the 1960s, the CIA forged a relationship with a foreign official to establish a listening center in Mexico. It also worked to recruit Cuban exiles who believed that the United States had failed to oust the Castro regime in Cuba.

Some conspiracy theorists believe the CIA planned to kill Kennedy in order to discredit him. Other theorists say that the Mafia, Russians and other groups were responsible for the assassination.

The official story of the assassination of President Kennedy has been supported by the national press and the administration of the president himself. While there have been many films and books that point out the role of the Mafia and Russians, there is no hard evidence that either group was involved in the assassination.

‘Saul’ apparently shot JFK from a building across the street from Oswald’s perch in the Texas School Book Depository

While Lee Harvey Oswald was sitting on a perch at the Texas School Book Depository on the morning of November 22nd 1963, a lone gunman aimed a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle at President Kennedy and fatally shot him. One of the most controversial and confusing aspects of the assassination is the shooter’s location. This is a subject that has fascinated the public for years, with many theories ranging from the obvious to the absurd.

In the aftermath of the shooting, there have been dozens of books written about the incident. However, one bizarre explanation has become the talking point.

According to author Jim Moore, Lee Harvey Oswald may have acted on his own. He wrote a book about the assassination, called Conspiracy Of One, and claims that Oswald was drinking Coca-Cola instead of Dr. Pepper after the shooting.

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