The Secrets of the US Government’s Mind Control Technology

If you’re one of the millions of people who have questions about the government’s secret mind control technology, the good news is that there are ways to get answers. It’s not hard to find out how MK-Ultra works and why people fear brainwashing and brain warfare. But there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.


One of the most controversial and secretive US government programs was MK-Ultra. This program aimed at controlling the minds of people. Using psychedelic drugs such as LSD and other mind altering substances, the CIA carried out hundreds of experiments on unwitting participants.

Thousands of citizens and prisoners were used as subjects for these experiments. The CIA also conducted experiments on paralytics and sex workers. They were given drugs such as LSD and psilocybin mushrooms.

Among the surviving records of MK-Ultra is a manual authored by famed magician John Mulholland. The manual is the only full-length document about the MK-Ultra programme. Kinzer’s book is an entertaining look into the project and sets it within the institutional framework of the federal government.

Some of the tests conducted by the CIA involved unwitting sex workers, prisoners and unwitting psychiatric patients. The aim of the program was to’redesign’ people’s minds, in order to elicit information and suggestive behaviors.

Artichoke techniques

Throughout the twentieth century the United States government performed research into mind control. This included studies of the effects of hypnosis, sonic torture and other technologies. Some of these experiments were carried out in secret ‘black sites’ overseas. Other experiments were conducted on ‘expendables’, people whose disappearance would be of little consequence.

One such project was Project ARTICHOKE, also referred to as the Artichoke. It was a CIA interrogation research project. A number of CIA experts studied how to control the mind of a prisoner. The primary goal of this program was to determine whether a subject could be induced to commit an act against his or her will.

To get the project off the ground, the CIA recruited a scientist, Sidney Gottlieb. Gottlieb had previously worked as a research chemist at Camp Detrick. He had earned a PhD in biochemistry at City College. Upon hearing about the CIA’s artichoke-esque projects, he proposed a more ambitious covert initiative.

Cloning of human electroencephalograms (EEGs)

Most Americans don’t know that the United States government has secret mind control technology. This includes the ability to EEG clone a person’s brain waves and thereby re-write their minds.

In fact, mind control is not a new concept. CIA officers have used this technology to capture enemy agents overseas and to test drug potions and germs. These were all done in prisons around the world.

Some of these experiments were conducted by the Department of Defense and DARPA. There is even a patent for a remote brain control system.

The CIA has a program called MK-ULTRA, which was meant to find a mind-control agent. Approximately 185 researchers participated in this project.

As part of the MK-ULTRA program, scientists tested how to isolate a subject’s senses, including temperature, sight, hearing, and touch. Subjects were also given high doses of LSD.

Another technological advancement was the invention of magnetic resonance. The device works by creating photons representative of atoms and bonding states.

Fear of brainwashing and brain warfare

The Cold War brainwashing scare was a central motif in the postwar literature and film. It raised questions about the power of the government and its ability to influence people.

During the 1950s, the United States feared that communists had discovered powerful mind control techniques. The fear led to a large scale project called the MK-ULTRA program.

MK-ULTRA was a covert, CIA-sponsored mind control program. Using the chemical drug LSD, the program aimed to alter the behavior of individuals by hidden, covert means. It reportedly programmed individuals to carry out assassinations. In addition, it employed semi-tangible reports on enemy scientific projects.

Gottlieb was the CIA’s director of poisons and medical experiments. He oversaw experiments on hundreds of subjects. These were conducted in detention centers in the United States and abroad.

Gottlieb’s CIA and psychiatric research programs were influenced by a wide range of concerns about mind control. For example, his experiments used psychedelics and incorporated shared material cultures.

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