The Mythical Creature – The Minotaur

The Minotaur is an ancient mythical creature, known for its power to kill and destroy. This creature has been portrayed in various forms over the years and is still being re-represented in modern times. It is an important part of mythology, and it is often a very good idea to learn about its origins, history, and appearance.


The myth of the Minotaur is one of the most influential myths in World mythology. It has been a major influence on western culture for centuries.

The story of the Minotaur originated on the Greek island of Crete. During the Early History of Greece, Crete was the main political and cultural potency of the Aegean Sea.

King Minos of Crete, son of Zeus and Europa, conquered many nations. When he returned to Crete, he feared his reputation would be damaged. He asked the Greek god Poseidon for a sign. Poseidon gave him a white bull. However, Minos refused to sacrifice it and instead offered a substitute.

As a result of this act of treachery, Queen Pasiphae of Crete gave birth to a monster that was half man and half bull. In his later life, the Minotaur was christened Asterion.


The Minotaur was a mythical monster whose demise was not foretold. This monster was a creation of King Minos of Crete and was the product of a noble female named Pasiphae. Fortunately for mankind she was not a trophy wife and had a mate in the form of a bull. As you would expect, the beast was given the best of the best treatment, but not without a few scrapes and bruises. After the dust had settled and the Minotaur was pronounced dead, it was time for the good guys to take the baton and run. Thankfully, the beast had some of its fair share of the Athenian kin in tow. Interestingly, while the Minotaur had to deal with some of the rough and tumble nature of its surroundings, he was able to keep his head. It is a tale that is still told in legend form.

Modern representations

The Minotaur was a mythological creature of ancient Greek civilization. This hybrid of a human and bull’s head is often depicted in Classical art. Often the Minotaur is portrayed as a lonesome absurd figure.

According to myth, the Minotaur was born of the union of a white bull and a pregnant Pasiphae. Minos, King of Crete, constructed a labyrinth beneath his palace at Knossos. In the resulting labyrinth, the Minotaur was said to live.

In more modern renditions, the minotaur is often portrayed as a half-human, half-bull hybrid monster. The minotaur also appears in Dungeons and Dragons and other gaming scenarios.

A similar version of the minotaur can be found in World of Warcraft. While the Minotaur in World of Warcraft is not the same as the one in Greek myth, it is still a mythical beast.


In ancient Greek mythology, a Labyrinth was constructed by King Minos of Crete to house his son, Minotaur. This monster was a half man, half bull. It had a mask like a bull and its body was that of a human. Originally, the Minotaur lived in the Labyrinth, where it hunted and killed humans.

The Minotaur was an incredibly powerful creature. He was the son of Pasiphae and Daedalus, and the offspring of an unnatural union. When the Labyrinth was created, the monster became trapped.

Amid all this, a young Athenian prince named Theseus fell in love with the goddess Ariadne. She gave him a ball of thread to unwind. Using the ball of thread, Theseus walked through the maze and defeated the monster.


The legend of the Minotaur is a well-known Greek myth. It involves the famous hero Theseus. His death is usually portrayed as a hero’s death, but the myth is actually more of a tragic tale.

Minotauros was a bull-headed creature that lived in the Labyrinth of Minos. He was a half-man, half-bull.

The creature was born from an unnatural union between Pasiphae, the queen of Crete, and a bull. King Minos required that Athens pay tribute every nine years. This was a regular sacrifice of seven youths and seven maidens.

After his son Androgeos was killed in Marathon by a Cretan bull, King Minos vowed revenge. He also claimed to be the will of the gods. In order to appease Poseidon, he was granted a white bull.

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