Reptilian Beings Control World Events

One of the most exciting and intriguing things to come out of the recent history of the world is the fact that there have been many reports that suggest that reptilian beings are controlling events on Earth. These events range from climate change, to sexually aggressive attacks, and abductions. The most interesting theory about these phenomena is the one that has been put forth by David Icke.

David Icke’s Reptilian Elite conspiracy is the one with the most truth

David Icke is a British conspiracy theorist. He has written several books about his ideas. His theories are often absurd and unsubstantiated. However, he has gained a large following. He is frequently invited to talk shows and lectures.

One of Icke’s more prominent theories is about the “lizard people”. These aliens invaded Earth thousands of years ago, posing as human beings. They interbred with humans, creating a genetically modified lizard-human hybrid race known as the “Babylonian Brotherhood”.

While this idea is quite a bit of fun, it has many disturbing links to the anti-Semitism of the 19th century. There are also several other groups, including neo-Nazis and those involved in the Illuminati conspiracy, who support the idea.

While Icke has never claimed that he is anti-Semitic, he has admitted that he endorses the anti-Semitic forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” It was used by the Nazis as propaganda.

The “lizard people” theory is based on a story that was published in pulp fiction magazine in 1929. According to Icke, the reptilians are a metaphor for the Jewish elite.

Abduction for feeding purposes

A reptilian abduction is a subject on many minds. It has also spawned a number of popular conspiracy theories and a bevy of unconfirmed reports. Many of the claims are dubious and some of them have been debunked. However, there are a handful of credible stories that have gotten a lot of air time.

The best and most comprehensive study on the subject has been compiled by David Jacobs, a retired Temple University historian and founding director of the International Center for Abduction Research. He says that the reptilian abduction has been a subject of interest to many people in the past decade. They include a number of alleged victims. Among them, Tony Rodrigues, who was a young ten when he was abducted by a reptilian. This is the first known case in the United States.

There are numerous other notable cases. One of the most famous is that of Canadian journalist Tony Rodrigues. During his abduction, he was taken to a hidden alien bunker where he was told he was a captive of an alien species. During his trip, he witnessed several strange occurrences, including a blue ball float into his room.

Sexually aggressive attacks

The Reptilian empire had a hand in many a memorable moments, most notably the ill conceived British war of attrition which resulted in the death of two kings, and a couple of queens. This was arguably not enough to derail the rogue nation. A good dose of sass from the Queen would have gone a long way to restoring some semblance of order to the kingdom. For instance, one could be forgiven for believing that the queen was on a first name basis with the queen of the castle. As a counterpoint, one could be equally justified in a second name context, albeit a less than flattering one. There is, however, much to be said for the Queen’s crown. One can only wonder what might have been had she possessed a different set of chromosomes. After all, the Queen could have had a much more enjoyable time if she were given a proper triumvirate to boot.

Climate change

Many studies suggest that reptilian beings play a direct role in climate change. They are highly sensitive to their environment, and many species depend on ambient temperatures for physiological processes. These include alligators and turtles.

During the Permian period, an intense global warming coincided with the rapid evolution of reptiles. It also led to mass extinctions. The extinction of early synapsids opened up ecological opportunities for reptiles. However, two of the largest mass extinctions, the Permian-Triassic and end-Permian, wiped out a significant portion of reptile competition.

Climate change has affected prey populations of reptiles, and there are signs that this trend is expected to continue. Studies have found that many amphibians and turtles are impacted, as well. For example, freshwater turtles have been shown to experience a rise in juvenile growth rates, sex ratios, and reproduction rates.

In addition to the effects on prey, climate change may have an effect on reproductive cycles. Increasing weather variability, for instance, could change the intensity of “boom-bust” reproductive cycles. Additionally, it may alter the sex ratios of cohorts.

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