Mythical Creatures Known As Fairy

If you’re an avid reader of mythology, you may have heard of the magical creatures known as Fairy. They are said to be mythical beings who were once human. Some of these creatures are mermaids, centaurs, gremlins, oni, kitsune and nymphs. These mythical beings are often referred to as fairy-like because they have long, flowing hair and wings, and are often associated with the sea.


A Gremlin is a mythical creature. This mythological figure, which is a cross between a monkey and a large bat, has been said to be responsible for airplane problems.

It is possible that the name of the mythical creature comes from Old English greme, which means to vex or to annoy. But a number of other languages have been suggested as the origins of the word.

In World War II, gremlins were blamed for causing mechanical problems in airplanes. They were also known for sabotaging technology.

The myth of gremlins, which appeared during the early years of the war, was a popular one in the military aviation community. Many pilots complained that gremlins were responsible for breaking down their aircraft.


A centaur is a half horse and half humanoid that is surprisingly intelligent. They lack magic, but they are capable of some awe-inspiring feats of engineering. These magical beasts have been around for millennia and have been spotted in parts of Europe. Some have even petitioned the Ministry of Magic to classify them as beasts.

In fact, they have a few official names: Centaur, Eques Rex, and Knight King. The last of which is the name of a compound composed of the two. But who can really call these hairy folk the masters of the world?

It isn’t surprising, then, that this mythical creature is getting the spotlight. This species of fairies are not the largest in size, but they are the most smart. As for their appearance, they are hairy, but otherwise are harmless, especially compared to other fairy species.


One of the most intriguing symbols in Japanese folklore is the Oni. They are a type of demon, usually pictured as a large, hulking creature with horns. It’s a powerful spirit, capable of destroying the very world it inhabits.

Originally a guardian of the gates between the death and hell realms, the Oni changed its role as the samurai class emerged in Japan. By the time of the nineteenth century, Oni’s were no longer just demons, but incorporated into Buddhism.

Today, the Oni is often portrayed in video games and animated cartoons. In this case, they are typically depicted with wild hair and two or more horns.


The nymph is a mythical creature found in Greek mythology. It is a personification of the life giving forces of nature. A nymph’s job is to help protect people from evil and conflict. They also have magical powers to defend themselves.

In ancient Greece, nymphs were considered to be divine creatures. They lived in nature and sometimes served as companions to the gods. They were usually portrayed as beautiful young nubile maidens. During their youth, they were usually playmates of the gods.

These goddesses are portrayed as soothsayers. They were often associated with water, springs, rivers and lakes. They were also portrayed as patrons of marriages and marriage ceremonies. They would sometimes punish people who were guilty of a crime.


The Kitsune is a fox-like creature that carries magical powers. They are usually portrayed as mischievous, charming and romantic, although they can be a bit of a jerk, too.

Kitsune have a few notable characteristics, including the ability to transform into an exact likeness of an individual. Some even learn spirit magic. Their ability to take human form has resulted in several human-kitsune marriages.

Several types of kitsune are found in Japanese folklore. These include the Sanda and the Umi. There is also the Tengoku, which can bask in the sun for food. A lot of the time they appear as beautiful human women.


Mermaids are mythical creatures that have fascinated people for centuries. They are characterized by a female head, fish tail, human body, and long hair. These characteristics make mermaids beautiful sea creatures that are often depicted in art.

Mermaids are usually considered beautiful and playful. However, they can also be dangerous. Those who believe in mermaids say that these magical beings can heal humans. Moreover, they can act as a warning to sailors of the destructive nature of the sea.

Mermaids are related to Sirens, which were the sea-nymphs of ancient Greece. These are water nymphs that were said to be capable of enticing people to drink.

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